Volunteer With Us! 

We are a volunteer department – meaning, none of our three stations are staffed full or part time. When a fire or medical call comes into Poland Village or Township, our volunteers’ pagers are toned out to make them aware of the call. Whoever is available would then drive to their assigned station and get in one of the vehicles to respond to the call. Because our volunteers have their regular full-time jobs, sometimes getting responders can be difficult. Therefore, we are always hiring!

Group of volunteers
Group of fire fighters pulling rope

Q: What are the requirements to become a volunteer firefighter?

A: All applicants must be 18 years of age. (If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, contact us about our cadet program!)

Applicants must pass a pre-employment physical examination paid for by the department. In addition, a physical agility test may be performed to determine your ability to perform basic firefighting functions. Applicants must pass a background/criminal history check. Applicants must not have any felony convictions. Applicants must hold a valid Ohio Driver’s License and possess a good driving record. The department holds drills every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm. Please feel free to stop in, say hello, and ask questions!

Q: Is there compensation for my time?

A: All volunteers are paid monthly on a per-call/per-drill basis.

Q: Is it all drills, calls, and work?

A: No! Our department employees are also members of The Poland Firemen’s Association. We are involved in numerous activities throughout the year like picnics, fundraisers, and public events.

Q: What is your Cadet program?

A: The purpose of the program is to provide 16-18 year old men and women with hands on experience, work experience at three fire stations, training, textbook education in firefighting skills, and volunteerism for the community. Cadets are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per quarter (every three months) to the department. This may be done in a variety of ways. Examples are weekly departmental training sessions, monthly department meetings, special drills, work details, open houses, public education, and community services.

Visit our Facebook page or call to learn about Volunteer Opportunities with the Department.